I'm a software engineer at Tarides in Paris, France, working on open-source systems software written in OCaml. Take a look at my GitHub here!

I enjoy making computer science more accessible, whether by writing articles, making fun interactive projects, or just rambling to passers-by. You can check out my blog here.

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Relevant Projects

  • Cavalry

    Imperative mini-language in which programs are axiomatically verified by a Hoare logic-based system that proves validity according to a user-provided program specification. (link)

  • Delay-Tolerant Link-State Routing

    Undergraduate dissertation project for the University of Cambridge. Implementing and evaluating a modified link-state routing protocol in C for real Unix routers that is tolerant to failures of links and nodes in the network. (link)

  • Spatially-Accelerated Ray-Tracer

    UK high school-equivalent final-year project for computer science, implementing a triangle mesh renderer in C++ using a spatial-acceleration data structure to reduce the running time from linear to logarithmic in the number of triangles. (link)


  • Porting OCaml to an ARM microcontroller

    Tarides, Aug 2021 (link)

  • Forward and Deferred Rendering

    Churchill College Computer Science talks, University of Cambridge, Jan 2021 (link)


(At Cambridge, supervisions are intensive small-group sessions of 1–3 students where concepts are explored in depth, and form a significant part of the teaching of a course — cam.ac.uk.)


  • I take photos for fun, some of my favourites are here and the rest are on Flickr.
  • I run for my mental and physical health, having done the Cambridge Half Marathon in 2021 and 2022 for CPSL Mind. I also ran (part of) the 2023 Paris Marathon for SUDC UK.